Andy Luttrell, Ph.D.

Lab Director

Andy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Ball State University. He completed his undergraduate degree in 2010 at Eastern Illinois University and completed his doctoral studies in 2016 at Ohio State University. He primarily studies when and why people's attitudes change and the qualities of particularly durable attitudes such as certainty and moral conviction. These interests include extensions of attitudes research to other areas such as neuroscience, culture, and intergroup relations. (For more, see the research page.)

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Tollie Schultz

Graduate Student

Tollie is a second-year student in the Cognitive and Social Processes MA program. She earned her BA in Psychology from Winthrop University. As an undergraduate student, Tollie was involved in various independent research projects focusing on topics like the effects of identity priming on self- versus group-stereotyping. She is currently interested in utilizing intersectionality theory to understand marginalized groups’ perceptions of and experiences with prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping within higher education. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fantasy, thrifting, and going on hikes.

Amr Elshazly

Graduate Student

Amr is a first-year student in the Cognitive and Social Processes MA program. He graduated from IUPUI earning a BS in Psychology. Amr is curious about the psychological phenomena happening at the intersection of personality psychology and social psychology. Currently, Amr is involved in various research projects concerning congeniality bias, undergraduate sleep habits, attitudes, and persuasions. In his spare time, Amr likes to play soccer, watch Netflix, and read mystery novels.

Keith Richards

Graduate Student

Keith is a graduate student in the Cognitive and Social Processes MA program. He earned his BA in Psychology and French from the University of Texas at Austin and has worked as a behavioral scientist for the US Air Force. Keith is currently involved in various research projects on congeniality bias, attitudes and behavior, certainty, and persuasion. In his spare time, Keith enjoys running, reading, traveling, and trying new food.

Paulie Stevens

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Paulie is a second-year undergraduate student at Ball State University who will graduate with a BS in Psychology and minors in Criminology/Criminal Justice and Women and Gender Studies. She is primarily interested in LGBTQ issues and implicit biases within the legal system, as well as social psychology as a whole. She is involved in the Ball State marching band and in her free time enjoys going to concerts and reading.

Lab Alumni

JJ Togans

JJ Togans

Former Graduate Student

JJ is now a Ph.D. student at Miami University.

Alexcia Kilgore

Former Graduate Student