Andy Luttrell, Ph.D. (Lab Director)

Andy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Ball State University. He completed his undergraduate degree in 2010 at Eastern Illinois University and completed his doctoral studies in 2016 at Ohio State University. He primarily studies when and why people’s attitudes change and the qualities of particularly durable attitudes such as certainty and moral conviction. These interests include extensions of attitudes research to other areas such as neuroscience, culture, and intergroup relations. (For more, see the research page.)

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JJ Togans

JJ Togans

JJ received his BA in psychology from Salisbury University in 2016 and is currently a second-year student in the Cognitive and Social Processes MA program at Ball State University. Currently, JJ has two primary research interests. His first is concerned with culture and cognition. Specifically, he is interested in how East Asians and Westerners differ in their decision making and communication patterns. His second research interest revolves around the psychology of competitive gaming (also known as electronic sports, or e-sports). Beyond those topics, he has interests in attitude psychology and attribution theory. In his free time, JJ enjoys gaming, dance, and listening to Korean pop music.

Tollie Schultz

Tollie is a first-year student in the Cognitive and Social Processes MA program. She earned her BA in Psychology from Winthrop University. As an undergraduate student, Tollie was involved in various independent research projects focusing on topics like the effects of identity priming on self- versus group-stereotyping. She is currently interested in utilizing intersectionality theory to understand marginalized groups’ perceptions of and experiences with prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping within higher education. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fantasy, thrifting, and going on hikes.

Olivia Snyder

Olivia is an RA in the LAB Lab. She is a Junior at Ball State majoring in Psychological Science with minors in Interpersonal Relations and Human Development. She’s passionate about people and understanding how they work and hopes to use her degree to help others understand their own brains. Her areas of interest include social and developmental psychology. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, volunteering with her local church, and making playlists for friends.